Automated Trip Planning from the Calendar

Streamline and enhance your trip planning experience with our powerful tool. Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Workspace.

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Why metaplanner?

Efficient planning, organization, and management of your trips and itineraries.
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Explore metaplanner

A glimpse into the world of efficient trip planning.
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  • Plan with Ease

    Our intuitive interface makes planning your trips a breeze.
  • Stay Organized

    Keep your itineraries neatly organized and easily accessible.
  • Key Features

    Discover what sets metaplanner apart.

    • Integration with Microsoft Outlook

      Effortlessly manage your trip planning directly from your Outlook calendar.

    • New

      Integration with Google Workspace

      Plan your trips seamlessly with our integration with Google Workspace.
    • Business travel Outlook Add-In

      Create your own custom Business travel Outlook Add-In.

    • Available on desktop, iOS and Android

      Plan your trips on the go with our mobile app.

    • Real door-to-door search

      Effortlessly plan and book all your travel needs, perfectly aligned with your calendar.

    • All means of transportation & travel

      Flights, Trains, Hotels, Ground transport, all at your fingertips.

    • Alerts

      Stay informed about any disruptions in your travel plans.

    • Itineraries

      Keep all your travel details in one place for easy access by your team.

    Choose Your Plan

    Flexible pricing to suit your needs.
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    • Pro

      Ideal for casual travelers.
    • Premium

      Perfect for frequent travelers.

    Ready to start planning?

    Join metaplanner today and take control of your travel planning.