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Outlook Add-In

Add-in within Outlook Email

There are two possible areas where you can integrate an add-in within Outlook email client.

Reading a message

When a user gets an invite to a meeting, using the add-in a traveller can start to plan a door-to-door trip in the context of the invitation (date, time and location).

Add-in actions from the ribbon

This lets users access travel services like searching, booking or planning in a simple, intuitive, and unobtrusive way.

Automate trip planning

When a user gets an invite it can be accepted straight away. In this case metaplanner recognizes that a new trip can be planned automatically.

TMC or OBT sends out itineraries

With a delay of a few minutes a door-to-door trip is created and sent to the user.

Book trip or plan something else

The user can now book through your OBT or TMC by clicking on one of the results in the email.

Cost based meeting planning

If the meeting for which the user was invited can be postponed, the Add-in allows checking for more less expensive trips.

Check for up to 12 weeks

The user can check prices for the next 12 weeks. Price indication colors will be displayed.

Propose a new meeting date

If there are cheaper options for travelling to the meeting, the user can instantly decline the invitation and propose a new date.

Connect Outlook with your own Online Booking Tool

  • Amadeus eTravel
  • Sabre GetThere
  • Travelport Locomote
  • Concur Travel
  • Cytric
  • KDS
  • Traveldoo
  • Travelperk
  • Deem
  • Atlatos
  • Onesto
  • Comtravo
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All this is possible within Microsoft Outlook

  • plan door-to-door trips within Outlook
  • search flights, hotels, ground transport and transfer
  • integrate your own ONLINE BOOKING TOOL
  • your TRAVEL POLICY has never been closer to the traveler
  • connect to your TRAVEL AGENCY or TMC
  • get your travelers to know their TRAVEL RISKS
  • see all DISRUPTIONS like delays or traffic jam
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